At Petra Mechatronics Middle East, our commitment to supporting our team members extends to those situated in Jordan, a country celebrated for its historical significance, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological innovation. Recognizing the unique opportunities and challenges presented by the Jordanian market, we have curated this guide to provide essential information and direct links to services and resources, ensuring our employees in Jordan are well-equipped to navigate their professional and personal lives.

1. Understanding Jordan

Jordan stands as a beacon of stability and hospitality in the Middle East, with its capital, Amman, serving as a hub for business and culture. The country is known for its ancient monuments, notably Petra and the Dead Sea, as well as its burgeoning tech start-up scene. Understanding local customs, business etiquette, and the regulatory environment is crucial for thriving in Jordan.

Employment and Professional Services:

  • Ministry of Labor: Offers information on labor laws, work permits, and employment rights within Jordan.
  • Social Security Corporation (SSC): Provides details on social security benefits and obligations for workers in Jordan.

2. Housing and Accommodations

  • Finding suitable accommodation is a priority for settling comfortably in Jordan. We support our employees through partnerships with reputable real estate platforms, such as:

    • OpenSooq: A leading classifieds platform in Jordan for finding rental properties, among other services.
    • Offers comprehensive listings for real estate across Jordan, including apartments, houses, and villas.

3. Banking and Financial Services

  • The financial sector in Jordan is robust, offering a wide range of banking and investment services. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the following banks, known for their reliability and customer service:

    • Arab Bank: One of the largest banks in Jordan, offering a wide array of personal and business banking services.
    • The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance (HBTF): Provides comprehensive banking services, including loans and mortgages.
    • Jordan Kuwait Bank: Offers a broad spectrum of banking products and services for individuals and businesses.
    • Cairo Amman Bank: Known for its customer-focused banking solutions.

4. Transportation

5. Workplace Flexibility

To support our employees in Jordan, Petra Mechatronics Middle East offers flexible working arrangements, including remote work options where feasible.

6. Health and Well-being

  • Our comprehensive health insurance plans cover a wide range of medical services in Jordan.