At Petra Mechatronics Middle East, our dedication to supporting our team members extends to those living and working in Egypt, a country known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic importance in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This guide is designed to provide essential information and direct links to services and resources, ensuring our employees in Egypt have everything they need at their fingertips.

1. Understanding Egypt

Egypt is a country that blends ancient heritage with modern dynamism. Cairo, the capital, is the heart of the country’s cultural and economic activities, offering a unique mix of historical landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza with bustling urban life. Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, combines historical significance with Mediterranean charm. Understanding local culture, regulations, and the living environment is crucial for a smooth transition to life in Egypt.

Employment and Professional Services:

  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM Egypt): For information on labor laws, work permits, and employment rights in Egypt.
  • Banks and Financial Services: Egyptian banks provide comprehensive services, including account opening, loans, and financial planning online and in-person.

2. Housing and Accommodations

  • Securing comfortable and safe housing is essential. We support our employees through partnerships with leading real estate platforms such as:

    • OLX Egypt: A leading platform for buying, selling, or renting properties.
    • Offers extensive listings for real estate across Egypt.
    • Aqarmap: A valuable resource for finding new homes or investment properties.

3. Banking and Financial Services

  • The Egyptian banking sector offers a wide range of services tailored to meet personal and professional banking needs. We recommend familiarizing yourself with reputable banks such as:

    • National Bank of Egypt (NBE): The country’s largest and oldest bank, offering a full range of services.
    • Commercial International Bank (CIB): Known for its customer service and comprehensive banking solutions.
    • Banque Misr: Offers a wide array of financial products and services for individuals and businesses.
    • QNB AlAhli: Part of the QNB Group, providing extensive banking services.

4. Transportation

5. Workplace Flexibility

Recognizing the diverse needs of our team, Petra Mechatronics Middle East provides flexible work arrangements to navigate the professional landscape of Egypt, including remote work options and flexible schedules.

We recommend:

  • CO-55 Coworking Space

6. Health and Well-being

  • Our comprehensive health insurance plans cover a wide range of medical services in Egypt.